No Christian has a monopoly on Truth. The good news, the gospel, is so extensive in scope and depth that no one can know it all. Even if a believer knew it all, he or she would not live long enough to preach it.

Christian Life Bible School recognises that we have limitations. We also know of amazing resources that are available to those who seek reality and truth in Christ. The following links are to a range of ministries that we believe to be godly and of value to those who seek a deeper walk in Christ. There are many more, equally worthy, ministries.

We do not necessarily agree with every last word these ministers say. That does not mean to say that we can dismiss them. One minor disagreement means little in the overall scheme of God’s plan for the Church. We leave it to individual Christians to discern. If someone has an issue, we will be glad to explain why we recommend these ministries.

Professor James M Tour.

Professor Tour is one of the world leaders in synthetic organic chemistry. He is also a thorn in the side of those who promote the Darwinian concept of the Origin of Life. It can be difficult to overcome the bias towards evolution, especially as it is taught as fact, as if there was no rational alternative. Professor Tour demolishes such arguments.

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer, through Christ, has overcome a background of disadvantage that few people suffer. She speaks bluntly, truthfully and in love, of how Christians can experience the victorious life that we are called to live.

Mark Gungor

Mark Gungor is a pastor who specializes in dating and marriage issues. He has a wonderful sense of humour, enabling him to speak deep truth in a way that helps listeners rather than alienate them.

Derek Prince

Derek Prince is no longer with us, but his legacy lives on. He was living in Jerusalem when Israel declared independence. He saw the glory of God as Israel survived invasion by 5 nations and then prospered. He was a prolific writer, teacher and exhorter and ministered in a number of countries during his long life. Sometimes controversial, he was always forthright and prepared to speak the truth in love.

Watchman Nee

We suggest that a simple internet search will lead you to appropriate and helpful sites. Watchman Nee should be compulsory reading for anyone who seeks true spiritual life.