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Christian Life Frankston was founded about 35 years ago by the late Ivor Marshall. Ivor had led a number of people to the Lord and was associated with Life Centre Ministries. Life Centre Ministries was founded by the late Reverend Jack Lockwood in South Africa. Life Centre Ministries grew to be a world wide fellowship. Reverend Lockwood visited Australia. He saw that Ivor had spiritual gifts and was an effective leader and elder in the Body of Christ. Reverend Lockwood appointed Ivor Pastor of the informal group that Ivor had led to the Lord.

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Founders Photo

                                                                                                                                            Ivor P Marshall (centre) Rev. Jack Lockwood (right)


Over the years, the ministry experienced a number of changes. Most of the initial fellowship moved on. For a time, the internet was the main focus of the ministry. Ivor was quick to see the potential of the rudimentary social media of the early days of the internet. The "Christian Life" website was started in the late 1990's. Many lives were touched and some people moved to Frankston to join the fellowship, a home-based small group. Ivor went to be with the Lord in 2011. Two of the original fellowship remain.

The Lord led us to start a new outreach, which included street witnessing and preaching. We used a rented room from time to time. We saw some miraculous healings and some people were born again. That stage has passed and now we are led to offer bible teaching and counselling, operating from our leased premises at 31 Beach Street Frankston.


Peter retired in 2015 after 50 years in the workforce. He was born again in 1971. God called him to be a teacher/pastor. Peter wrestled with many problems and knows well the grace and mercy of God that enables us to overcome. Peter has studied a great deal, but he knows that it is more important to have a vital relationship with the risen Lord Jesus and our heavenly Father. The teacher must know by experience what he needs to communicate. Otherwise, all he can do is present the "letter that kills". Without the anointing of the Holy Spirit, there is no power to touch the heart of the student. Peter has come to know Lord Jesus as his very life and draws on the life of Christ continually. Peter is not exempt from the various trials and tribulations that all who are of God must endure.




Rosemarie is a key member of the Christian Life Frankston team. She is a prayer warrior, she has spiritual gifts of great value to the work and she is a great encouragement to Peter.

Rosemarie suffered from a number of problems before she came to know the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus has set Rosemarie free from the effects of drugs and alcohol. Rosemarie had some bad experiences when travelling. Those painful experiences left their mark on her soul and she has experienced much inner healing.

Rosemarie also has experienced freedom from smoking as well as experiencing God’s healing power. She suffered spinal curvature, which was healed instantly. Rosemarie’s emotional problems caused her to overeat. She was also delivered from that bondage by the power of God.

Another deep seated problem for Rosemarie was unforgiveness. The Lord Jesus has set Rosemarie free from unforgiveness and shown her the keys to remaining free.

Rosemarie was born again in 1983. She was attending a Christian Life home meeting at the time. The group met in Karingal. The truth of the gospel penetrated her dull, oppressed heart, and brought her to true repentance and trust in the Lord Jesus as her savior and Lord.

Since the time that Rosemarie was born again, God has led her in many joyful ways, and through many experiences that have taught her the ways of God. She was blessed with a wonderful Christian husband, who has now gone to be with the Lord.

Rosemarie worked as a nurse for many years. Her other occupations included clerical, sales and food handling. Rosemarie is retired from secular work and is active in working for the Kingdom of God.